The music industry is a tough one to get in, and if you have your SoundCloud profile all set up with the best music, you may not be getting the results. The reason why you don’t have followers, likes, or plays on your SoundCloud is you don’t have them. It means you have to already have a good following in order to get more SoundCloud followers and the same goes for the plays and likes as well. Since you see no way how to get them organically in a short time, you can always take the help of providers who offer social media growth services for such things.

SoundCloud is a music platform for budding artists, and it is also a social media platform so you have to take it more as a social media platform that asks for some engagement so you can reap the benefits of having a profile on it.

With so many social media service providers out there, nowadays, it’s not hard to find and get such a service. However, you have to make sure that the service you are getting is legitimate and can actually help in growing your SoundCloud profile.

For your music to get more visible, you have to get ahead of the competitors, and being a new artist, you cannot do that on your own. Therefore, you have to take the time and take the assistance of third-party services that can help you get ahead so that you don’t have to wait for years only to get a few thousand followers on your profile.

With that said, here is the list of the most legitimate sites that provide authentic services for the growth of your SoundCloud profile, so you can taste the success and popularity soon on the platform.

Famups.comIf you have been searching for sites to buy SoundCloud or other social media handle services, then Famups is one name that might have popped up. This is a reliable site offering the most genuine services that can help with rapid engagement on your SoundCloud account. Also, their prices for SoundCloud plays, followers, and likes are very reasonable.

Sociallym is another verified source that offers legitimate services that can help you expand on the music platform of SoundCloud. Their packages for SoundCloud plays, likes, and followers are extremely affordable and they provide instant delivery of the packages as you purchase their services.


SidesMedia also has decent packages for purchasing SoundCloud growth services. They have a unique range of deals for purchasing likes, plays, and followers for your SoundCloud account. They also provide a refill guarantee along with fast delivery of the packages.

Stream Digic

If you want to instantly grow engagement on your SoundCloud profile, then Stream Digic is a reliable source. They have a friendly website and 24*7 available customer support, making them a good choice.


PlaysWiz is one site that offers interesting features in their deals for purchasing a varied type of social media services. Their packages for buying SoundCloud plays, likes, and followers are very affordable and anyone can easily buy from their site.

Get Real Boost

Get Real Boost has a team of experts employing the most efficient tactics to grow engagement on your SoundCloud account. Visit their safe and easy-to-navigate site to explore the various deals it offers for the SoundCloud platform.

Social Noor

Social Noor is a popular place to experience high-quality social media services that are also affordable to most. They have reasonable deals for purchasing likes, followers, and anything you want for your SoundCloud profile.

Play My Cloud

This company utilises simple and efficient approaches to help you grow on the SoundCloud platform. Their prices for such effective services are quite low, and this is the reason why they are a popular name for buying services for SoundCloud.

Build My Plays

Build My Plays is also a social media growth service provider company targeting music apps including SoundCloud. By purchasing their service you get fast turnaround times and extensive customer support.

Online Music Promotion

Online Music Promotion is another well-known company catering to various music and social media apps. They use the most effective strategies that bring engagement to your SoundCloud account, making your music more accessible.

Audience Gain

Audience Gain offers a lot of social media growth services SoundCloud being one of them. They actively listen to customer concerns in order to suggest the best plans or advice to them for growing their SoundCloud presence.

Buy Social Today

Buy Social Today is a great option if you want to purchase SoundCloud plays, followers, and likes at reasonable prices. They have the best deals and come up with the best suggestions to help you grow easily on the SoundCloud platform.

Instant Famous

Instant Famous is a site that provides decent retention rates when you purchase their SoundCloud growth services. Also, the prices for the deals to buy SoundCloud plays, followers, and likes are fairly priced.

Social Media Boost

Social Media Boost also offers incredible growth of various social media handles. Their services for SoundCloud plays are very beneficial bringing growth, results, and engagement to your account in a short time.


SMM-World is extensively experienced in the domain of social media marketing, and they can easily help you getting popular on the SoundCloud platform. Given their experience, their services are not heavily priced and are easily accessible to most people.

Buzzing Likes

Buzzing Likes also offers SoundCloud plays and other services to help you in making your music more accessible on the platform. They make use of the best strategies to help you reach your target audience in a short time.


UseViral is another legitimate site claiming to provide the best services for SoundCloud. Their service can help boost your SoundCloud presence and you can easily reach your target audience as a result.

My Music Viral

My Music Viral also provides decent-quality SoundCloud plays to help you grow your profile on this app. Their services are reasonably priced and you can easily select and buy the service you want from their official website.


This is a safe site offering instant delivery of the likes, plays, and other services you purchase for the expansion of your SoundCloud account. They provide real-time results and you will experience long time effects as you use the services purchased.

Socially Fan

Socially Fan has a wide range of purchases so you can easily find the one that you want at the moment for your SoundCloud profile. Their deals are accessible and reasonable bringing long time growth to your profile.


SocialsUp is a well-known name and offers the most useful services in a considerable price range. They have a lot of packages for SoundCloud plays, followers, and likes that you can easily buy and select from their site.

Get Viral

This is another well-recognized offering of a broad range of social media services including SoundCloud. They have different packages for purchasing SoundCloud plays or followers, and you can easily find the one that suits your needs.


InstaFollowers is not just for Instagram growth as you can get various services on their site including SoundCloud. Their prices for SoundCloud plays are very reasonable and using them gives an instant boost to your SoundCloud profile.

Red Social

Red Social is a famous name and they offer services for SoundCloud as well. Their website is unique and easy to use and here you get full information regarding the service you are purchasing for your SoundCloud account.


Social Wick offers high-quality plays and followers for SoundCloud. Get to their website to explore the various services they offer for SoundCloud.


TryViews is a trustworthy site offering decent services for SoundCloud with a high retention rate. Their services can be experienced at low rates and you will get assured results for engagement on your SoundCloud account.

Be SoundCloud King

As the name suggests, the site is exclusively devoted to the growth of your SoundCloud account. Here you will get anything you want to grow the presence of your account on SoundCloud at exceptional prices.


Mr.Insta is a known site having amazing packages for SoundCloud as well. Their services are easy to purchase and you get sustainable results that help build the credibility of your brand.


SocialFormula is another addition to the list of the best sites to buy SoundCloud plays, likes, and followers. Their services are genuine as they provide you with real and active users at reasonable prices.


SMMBoosters is also a legit company offering quick services for helping you expand on the SoundCloud platform. Their services can be easily accessed owing to the affordable pricing they have for various packages for SoundCloud.


It is a site that provides instant delivery of the service no matter what you get from their site. Their services are very affordable and you get positive outcomes from using their SoundCloud plays, followers, or any other service.

Social Empire

Social Empire has good reviews and responses, thus making them a viable option for purchasing SoundCloud plays, followers, and other services. They have the best advice that can help you quickly grow on the platform.

Omari MC

Omari MC claims to provide the best services for the promotion of your music including SoundCloud. They claim to be the best-rated and you can try their service by visiting their official website.


To gain recognition and outshine your competitors on the SoundCloud platform, you can take the help of any of the third-party services mentioned here. These are the most trustworthy having the experience of helping many famous names and artists now, that have grown taking the help of such providers. You can too, take their assistance and easily grow on this famous music platform without spending much of your time or money as the services of the above sites are quite affordable.